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MAPS for Garmin GPS units easy installation either by download or Memory Card.

Compare for yourself Click the Map

If you are renting a car in Panama make sure that they can provide you with the new PANAPASS or you will be stuck on the Toll Roads the old cards that you could refill are not usable now, only cars with the new PANAPASS can travel on the Toll Roads. There are no Toll Both Attendents any more. So check with your car rental agent to make sure your car has the PANAPASS ON THE WIND SHIELD. This is very important when traveling on the Toll Roads of Corodor Sur or Corodor Norte.
If you are considering traveling to Panama and think it is a good idea to use a Cell phone there are some very important issues to understand why you should NOT USE A CELL PHONE.

1. You are using Panama Cellphone Companies Data Plan which is one very expensive and you may be roaming which costs you about $5.00 per minute.

2. The cell coverage outside of Panama is horrible, so you might just find your self lost with no way to get back because you have no cell coverage where you are.

3. The maps that may be available with WAZE or Google Earth are not current maps, they are out of date by at least 3 years, You can verify this by going to this link and comparing with using an Actual GPS like Garmin GPS which is designed to use satellites not CELL DATA.

4. You can't use your cell phone when it is a map, and what happens when a call or text comes in, in the middle of routing you somewhere.

5. Power consumption on a cell phone using a map is huge. You need to make sure you have power cord for your car.

6. You can get a GPS for under $100 and use it anywhere in the world.


The link above will show you how bad the Cell Phone Maps really are.

So consider using a real GPS in Panama such as a Garmin and purchasing a map from we continually update our maps to work as a GPS should using Satellites and not Cell Data especially in a foreign Country.

Be safe and Smart not Dumb and Lost.

There are some downsides to using your phone as your navigation system. For starters, unless you rely solely on voice-powered navigation, you'll need a way to mount your phone at eye level so you can peep the map. So plan on spending a few bucks for a universal windshield or dashboard mount. And get a decent one, because a lot of those gooseneck windshield mounts are way too wobbly.

Then there's the matter of power: GPS apps put considerable strain on your smartphone's battery, so if you're driving somewhere that's more than an hour or two away, make sure you have a car charger. It's a minor hassle, but a hassle all the same.

And let's not forget: when your phone is strapped to your dashboard for GPS duty, it's harder to use as, well, a phone. Not that you should be texting or dialing when you're driving anyway, but what if you're the passenger and want to while away the car ride playing Temple Run?

Maybe it's because I "grew up" using a standalone GPS, but when I need help finding my destination, that's what I reach for -And obviously not everyone owns or wants a smartphone, which itself is not an inexpensive purchase. There's something to be said for spending $90 or $130 one time, no additional fees or accessories required.

Ranked #1 in Quality and Service since 2004

Latin American Better Business Alliance

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Latin American Better Business Alliance Ranking

Version 6.0.2 For 2019-2022

Recently Updated Causeway

 Normally $109.99 - Now $49.99 Save $60.00 Fall Special
Expires 11/30/2020
Life Time Updates
We will even Price match!!
Official Mappers for the US Embassy in Panama. Why because we are the most accurate map that has been developed and we are USA Copyrighted.
  • New Connection from Corredor Norte to Albrook
  • Cinta Costa by pass
  • New Subway System routing
  • Auto-routing
  • Turn by Turn directions
  • Voice Prompting
  • Turn restrictions and one way streets
  • Thousands of Points of Interest
  • The new city streets and more..........
  • New one way streets in downtown Panama
  • We want to earn your money not steal it.


*Free update for Map owners who provide tracks (See FAQ for instructions)

of Altos Del Maria and Bouquete we must verify that these are new tracks

send email to

we will send you the link for a free update
Too many choices on the Internet read before you buy
"Danger Pirate Sites" 7th tab down on left

Before you buy ask yourself these simple questions:


  • Can I call them?
  • Where are they Located?
  • What version are they selling?
  • When was the last update and what was updated?

Panama-GPS Answers to the above questions:

  • Yes call us in Panama at 832-2465 or USA 1-832-378-4400
  • We are located in Panama and the USA
  • We have the latest version including new connection to
  • Albrook from Corredor Norte and new underpasses and
  • the changes to many streets because of the new subway system.
  • We do not publish or advertise on forums or blog sites.     
  • We have an excellent reputation by our customers.
  • We offer excellent customer service and product guarantee
  • We do not use Google Earth like the other companies,
  • we use actual drivers creating the new roads and
  • Routes and tracks from our loyal customers and Drivers.

Other GPS Companies Claiming to Be Panama-GPS

  • Have done everything they can to entice you to buy their maps dishonestly.
  • They do not have a presence in Panama.
  • They do not update their maps!
  • They are using our outdated maps which have been pirated.
  • Working with Bloggers, and forums to defraud you.
  • They are not Copyrighted they are pirated.
  • USA Copyright Supersedes all other maps we Copyrighted in 2009. Long before the pirates got into the market.


GPS Map of Panama

PANAMA-GPS We began mapping Panama in 2004. In 2007 we released the first map ever that was a routable GPS map of Panama. Since then we have been continually updating and improving the map. Today, we still have the most comprehensive and accurate GPS map available. There are many pirated sites we are the only copyright map in the World. Look for the USA copyright and Gold Seal of Approval.


We author and sell the Panama Street Map. A Garmin compatible GPS map for the Republic of Panama. This detailed map covers the entire country and works with all Garmin Products or Smart Phones running Garmin Mobil XT.


The map is auto routing including one way streets and turn restrictions in Panama. The map has hundreds of thousands of points of interest including hotels, restaurants, shopping, police, hospitals, police stations, gas stations and more.

The map is available for immediate purchase and download from our store. Don't waste your time with companies that only have email contact information if you can't call them it's probably a pirate company. Call for any questions you might have.

HELP US SPOT THE PIRATED MAPS AND WE WILL REWARD YOU WITH A NEW MAP AND 1 YEAR OF UPDATES. Send us the link to the web site and receive your free map and updates. We prosecute all pirates.

Meet J.R. the Developer

J.R. former Texan and part time resident of Panama. Jerry built several multi-million companies and retired to Panama to enjoy retirement with his Wife and 2 year old son. J.R. is a former Member of the Ft. Bend County, Texas Constables office, an Honorary Harris County Sheriff. J.R. is committed to providing the best to the community as well as his customers.

Once they arrived, J.R. whipped out his GPS and plug it in and immediately found that there were no maps of Panama. Once he realized they did not exist. He found that he could create tracks of the paths while he was traveling around Panama with his GPS.

Through hard work and lots of research he learned how to create route-able Maps of Panama and began the hard task of converting it to usable GPS maps.

12 years later and lots of miles, the best map is available because of his dedication to the development of the map and his commitment to customer service.

J.R. continues to drive and update his maps on a regular basis with homes both in Panama and Texas he continues to update the maps regularly and provide excellent customer service to all of his customers.





You rock, I don't think I could have installed the software without you. I was told not to go to Panama without the maps so I know they will prove useful. However, you were far more helpful and made the process quite easy. I am very bad at techy stuff and you never made me feel stupid. Thanks for the patience and incredible customer support. You have a Fan.


----Dave in Colorado

I just returned from 2 weeks in Panama, we speak no Spanish, and so we relied heavily on the GPS to get around the whole country except Boca del Toro. We were told by several residents that GPS's don't work in Panama.

Our experience was wonderful as we arrived where we intended to go without any significant problems. The directions to restaurants grocery stores, and gas stations worked well. One unexpected help was the map showing the road ahead- This being our first trip to Panama, we found that curves are not marked by road side signs and the curves can be sharper than we are used too in 4 lane roads, also the roads are not banked well.

Watching the road ahead on the GPS help me to not enter the curve at too great a speed. Thank you for making such an excellent program for my Garmin GPS.


I wanted to thank J.R. for all of his help in getting my maps to work. I thought that I had downloaded my maps before we left Florida for Panama. When I arrived, my maps would not come up. Thanks to J.R. and his patience I now have working Panama maps.


This ordeal took over 2 hours because the phone dropped 6-7 times and my download cord [from the computer to the GPS] was not working properly, yet J.R. hung in there, patiently calling me back and talking me thru the steps.


Not only did this take up his time, it happened on a Sunday, but it took him away from his family time and his time off. I cannot thank J.R. enough. If this is an example of his customer service [which it is] then I will refer him to anyone who needs a map of Panama.


Thank you J.R.

Steve Erwin

Thank you again for the advice. I hope you find the following helpful:


I had purchased a GPS Map previously and was planning on returning to Panama. I was a bit confused when I went online to find and download the map update as there were a couple websites that were nearly mirroring each other claiming to be PANAMA-GPS.


I had an interesting exchange of emails between the administrators of both websites and finally figured out that was the real deal. One indicator is that does not charge you more for the update than you paid for the original map download.


In fact, J.R. was very helpful walking me through the update. He was also able to offer some helpful advice for planning my upcoming trip


Thank you again, J.R.!

-Dave Charlotte NC

I installed the map last night. Thanks for making this right for me. I'll make sure to recommend your maps every opportunity I have.... and I'll make sure to give the CORRECT web site. (

I travel to Chiriqui about every two years, and I've been buying your maps since you started selling them. I'm sorry to hear that a former employee is doing so much damage to your business. Even his receipts look exactly like yours. I guess it's only a matter of time until consumers realize how outdated the pirated maps being sold by Steve Magaric and Don Winner are. If I may, I would advise you to take every mention of the "Steve Magaric" name from your web site, as to not cause confusion with consumers like me.

I wish you lots of success and please keep updating the maps.
Thank you,
Pedro Carres
Weston, FL

Yah, it's working great. This is as good as I had hoped for. (High praise, I wanted a lot)

On my Garmin I can drill down on the maps, even from sitting in the US. I found my PC hotel and made a fav. Found little side streets in Boquete where my friend lives. Cool, cool.


If the Garmin does its job down in Panama, I'll write a real testimonial.


As a former IT dweeb, I know how hard it is to keep up with someone else's stuff as a third party. Sorry for not doing a good job of reading the manual. Your support was great.

--Bill Q
Canton, Ohio
Thank you for the excellent service and help getting the charts loaded on my Garmin GPS. As I told you, I have two Garmin GPS’s here in Panama, one which had charts from one of your competitors on it and the other GPS, with charts from PANAMA-GPS company. There is no comparison between the other charts and yours.

I would tell anyone who wants GPS maps of Panama to get them from you! PANAMA-GPS charts are complete, Showing complete city streets and all back and country roads. The other charts were not half as good. In addition, your points of interest are much more complete making it possible to find every business I have tried to find. Keep up the good work!

--David M
Denver, Colorado
For those of you interested in Panama GPS maps I highly recommend the upgrade to v.: 4.2.0, it’s a big improvement from previous one. Not only would you be getting a top product but you will also be receiving one of the best Customer Service there is, J.R. goes beyond the extra mile he is unbelievable, very knowledgeable of his product and very pleasant to talk with.

Dr. Roberto Ocaña


I recently had some difficulty with my Panama GPS maps. I contacted J.R., and he provided excellent customer service. He walked me through the process, made sure my update subscription was properly registered and had my GPS working very quickly.


On a recent visit to Panama City, I was very impressed with the accuracy and detail of the map. I got around without any difficulties.


Thanks for the great customer service J.R.…. keep up the good work.


John Locke
Hay River, NT

I purchased my first Panama GPS map from Panama-GPS in 2009.

Three years later, I have the latest maps and am more impressed than ever. Installation help and support is unlike anything you'd expect to receive state-side. Kudos to J.R. and his team for making an outstanding product that helps keep my family safe on the roads.


J Dormon

"Saved by"


My wife and I are expats living in Panama and after about 4 months it was clear I needed to get her a GPS as the streets are not clearly marked and it can be intimidating if you're not sure how to get around, especially downtown. I bought her a Garmin in the US knowing that I would also need to download a map of Panama. I purchased and downloaded a map from a competitive website and spent almost a week troubleshooting trying to get it to function.

I consider myself "tech-savvy" and yet I was ready to give up and return the device due to all the frustration.... and then I found I was actually able to speak to a "live" person instead of email which was refreshing (and on a Sunday no less!). I explained my saga and the next day I was able to meet an employee face to face where they gave me a map (a much more updated one at that) and it worked instantly.

It's been almost a month now and we're liberated in Panama. My wife now drives everywhere with confidence and knows that if she gets lost, she can simply push "Home" on the device and the map directs her no matter where she is. They even called me in days after getting my new map to ensure I was satisfied and was working correctly - great service, that never happens in the US let alone Panama!

The company is based here and knows the country which is important given all the construction and ongoing map updates. If you need a map of Panama, look no further and save yourself the frustration I went through.


"Satisfied Expats in Panama"
I just want to say that I really appreciated your dedicated service to support of the Panama GPS upload. Your willingness to stay on the telephone and rapid sending of updated programs so we could resolve the issues of uploading the program on my Garmin Nuvi was as good as it gets.

You are welcome to mention my name (first name/ last name initial) but not location if you would like an endorsement on your website.


Again thanks and hope your business troubles with the pirates get fully resolved.

P.S., I have copied Michael's on this email so you can reconnect with him.



I know that in the US the customer is always right and in Panama the customer is always wrong. Customer service in the US sometimes works and in Panama customer service is almost none existent.

It is very refreshing to deal with a company such as PANAMA-GPS by J.R. and its magnificent customer service and help beyond. I had bought the upgrade of the Street Map of Panama v.: 3.3.8 and was having a very difficult time downloading it; every time I sent J.R. an e-note he would answer it immediately with instructions but I could not do the download.

Finally J.R. called me home and gave me specific instructions, step by step, on what to do (it was not me but a wrong program in the computer causing the problem); the phone conference with instructions was about 20 minutes until I was able to fix the computer program and successfully down load and install v.: 3.3.8


What a wonderful world if businesses would have customer service like Jerry Hall from Panama-GPS has. I ‘m a


Happy Customer.

Dr. Roberto Ocaña.


(Note this was a customer scammed by Steve Magaric PTY GPS, INC with a Lifetime update, J.R. Made good, Steve Magaric would not)
I found 4 – 5 vendors selling software for Panama, each claiming to be the best.

Communication and customer service is important to me. I called the phone # on your website this afternoon to see if I could actually receive someone.

It rang many times and I thought no one was going to answer. YOU DID ANSWER and sounded genuine as we discussed your software versus the others’ software.
I’m looking for an up-to-date SD card (mainly due to a possible GPS upgrade) for Panama. You gave me your cell phone and said you could deliver it to me at my hotel. Now that’s service! I’ll email our hotel name and itinerary later so we can connect for the sale.

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Ray & Debbie Simecek

Austin, Texas

Hello J.R.

Thank you for all the hard work that you people have put into this Panama GPS map, it was super easy to install and it works terrific! Your GPS software makes traveling around Panama City stress free. As we Live in Pedasi, we also do a lot of traveling into the interior, and again your GPS map has never failed us on ANY of our travels.


Others may say that their map will get you there, but your professionally designed GPS map gets us to our programmed destination, Stress Free every time! I Highly recommend PANAMA-GPS to ANYONE, military or civilian, who wishes to travel stress free and arrive at their

programmed destination.

Best Regards,
Billy Allmon
US Navy SEAL retired
Class 58

I want to start off by saying Thank You for the update. I purchased the map back in 2008, it has been extremely helpful while navigating the streets of Panama. I’m sorry to hear about the fraud that has been taking place with your company.


I do not like people who steal, I especially dislike those that steal from their workplace. I sent you copy of my PayPal invoice, I hope it helps you in the prosecution case. If you need to purchase a map for your GPS, only buy from J.R. and from Panama-gps.


Most companies post phone numbers for assistance and when you call, if they pick up, there could be a language barrier. I called on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 3:27 PM. To my surprise, J.R. answered the phone. Who calls a company on a Saturday and speaks to the owner? I did and J.R. was extremely helpful and even emailed me. If you want an excellent product with even better support, look no further.



Luis O.