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Welcome to our Store - Panama GPS Maps


Select from your desired type of map either a download, or SD card version.

Download versions once the payment is processed will take you to a page for you to immediately download the map and begin installation.

Updates are similar you will be directed to a Page to update your map with instructions.

Additional options are:

5 Year Annual Updates

Map Key (for map owners who have lost their key) Key replacement.

The map is locked and requires an unlock code to be unlocked. After purchase please send us your Garmin Unit ID number and we will email the unlock code.

You can find your UNIT ID by turning on your gps and going to TOOLS, SETTING, SYSTEM, ABOUT the number is a 10 digit number starting with a 3 in the upper left hand corner of the GPS.


Please allow up to 24 hours for us to process and send the unlock code.

Steps in Purchasing

1) Decide Which map

2) Pay for the Map

3) Instruction are located on the Member Sign In Section


Once you pay you will receive an email with instructions on how to install the map please send us your unit ID number which is located on your GPS, by going to TOOLS, SETTING, SYSTEM, ABOUT, the number begins with 3 we need this number to send the unlock Key for the Map.

Pasos en Purchaseing

2) Pagar a la Hoja de
3) Instrucción se encuentran en la Sección de Registro de Miembros

Purchase Options are listed Below

Below are the options for purchasing Panama Street Maps

1) Full Version at $49.99

2) Update your Map $24.99

3) Purchase Unlock Key $14.99

4) Topography maps $49.99

For international Shipping please call or email us with the shipping information so that we can quote you a shipping price.



Once you purchase and receive the SD Card you have only 14 days to return PRIOR to traveling to Panama there is no refund after that time OR AFTER YOUR TRIP TO PANAMA. The map is unlocked and usable we will not refund any money.

Download Refund Policy

Download Policy if you receive the unlock key there is no refund as this unlocks the maps and makes them usable.

Why Buy a SD card instead of a Download?

The reason you should consider a SD card is should your GPS ever break you can remove the SD card and switch it to the NEW GPS,

Whereas the download is good for one GPS only. You can't transfer your license to another unit. Once downloaded with the UNLOCK KEY the map is registered to one device.

The cost difference is only in the cost of the SD card itself and the shipping to your address.

Both maps can be updated easily, but you have the security of a Backup map with the SD should you GPS fail. Just move it to the new device and you are up and running.

With the download if you GPS breaks or you want to buy a newer GPS you will need to buy the map again.

So save yours some time money and frustration buy the map on an SD.

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Download Version $49.99 FREE LIFE TIME UPDATES
Complete Routable GPS map of Panama From Costa Rica to Columbia a full map with thousands of Points of Interest and excellent routing.
Single Map Update if you currently have a Registered PANAMA-GPS Map then save your money and just buy and update. Easy to install since you already own the Base Map
SHIPPING IS FROM THE USA. Important note when purchasing the SD card you must check the card before traveling to make sure your GPS unit can read the data Card, Instructions are include with each map, comes with adapter and micro SD FITS ALL GPS.

Topo Map of Panama


 UNLOCK KEY only for Lost Keys $14.99
Unlock keys are included in Full Download or SD purchase. The only Time you need an unlock key is when you have lost your unlock key and need an update.