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How to get onto the Cinta Costera
from the Causeway can be Tricky

New underpasses on Calle 50 and Via Brazil and many new areas making traveling faster in the City. However not during high traffic times.
New road to the Old Panama is really nice now 4 lanes and easy access.
Cut through to Corredor Norte by the Police Department is now closed you must go to turn around further up.
Calle 50 and Via Brazil this was shot 30 minutes after the opening you can see the walls are not completed, but traffic is already a nightmare.
Traveling toward the airport on Transmistica is much easier now with the overpass over Via Brazil. This is by the Ford Dealership and McDonalds
This is 12 Decembre going from the old city to Transmistica It has changed to 3 lanes two going toward the Old City and one lane going away until you reach Transmistica then is changes to four lanes.
The Turn going to Albrook Airport has been closed if you are traveling from Clayton to the Albrook Airport. This is by Diablo area. You must now drive to the turn around which is a nightmare in it self, or it is better to turn by the Rey and go the Back road to the airport.
Expect long delays at the Toll Booths, make sure you have purchased a toll card or you will be horribly surprised if you pick the wrong booth.
You can not turn Left any more at the intersection before Via Espana and Via Brazil they have blocked the cut through.