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Panama-GPS prides ourselves in customer service, we will stay on the phone till your map is installed and working Properly. Notice how the other web sites only have email we have a telephone number where service is our most valuable asset. Read what our cusomter are saying about us. Then check us out for yourself give us a call. With Panama-GPS Maps you and your family are safe when traveling in Panama knowing you have the latest map available.
I bought a new Garmin las year to travel Orlando - Maryland  and back to Orlando. Then I tried to buy your map and had a trouble with Paypal which was the only option you have. 

Then I bought the map with my Visa from Travelmaps.
I was glad with your maps we were using in our two cars
Your maps are a lot better. 

That is why I finally decided to scratch the Travelmaps map,  specially after our last trip to Chiriqui. A few bad things I found with Travelmaps map caused the following:
It will not allow left turns in most of the avenues.
It will force me to go 2 miles to make a U turn to get to my house.
It will take me 5 miles somewhere to make a U turn to enter to my neighborhood.
On Corredor Norte it was telling me to turn to the right to a road that passes below the Corredor.
Going to David it will mark the pink road away from the real road.
Going fron David to Bambito it will force me to first go to David's downtown.
Going from Boquete to David it was forcing me to make a U turn to somewhere.
Getting out of my home it will tell me to turn right to a dead end street.
It was funny to show to soneone how to use the Garmin with that map that will force me to go somewhere else when I was in front of my home.

Thank you for making a great map I will be a longtime subscriber

Good luck.

Comments from customers

gpsworldnet maps GPSTRAVELMAPS

Thanks for the professional and personal service helping me get the map setup. It's nice buying from someone who only focuses on Panama having the in-country staff you do. Plus, as much as Panama is growing and updating their roads, the boots-on-the-ground updates make me feel I'm getting the latest update from locals. I also felt more comfortable buying from you guys since it's clear you listen to your customer. With you all being in-country, I don't know why anyone would look anywhere else unless they fell for a scam/pirating site. Scammers & pirates don't call you at 9 pm on Sunday to walk customers through the setup, you do. For that, you not only have a loyal customer, you have a friend. I look forward to meeting you.
Best Regards,

Lloyd-Texas December 2011

I purchased the maps from both GPSWORLDNET and GPSTravelMaps, trying to save money. What a waste of money and time.

I am so glad your maps had all the streets and locations and was actually working properly.

Bill Este - Houston, TX November 2011

Your maps are the greatest so much detail and points of interest, it has made my life so much better while driving in Panama.

Roberto Williamson - Miami, Florida November 2011

December 18, 2011

Hello, I would like to opt for the competitive upgrade, and buy a map from PANAMA-GPS, Inc. I purchased a map from gpstravelmaps  Well the fact is it's a fiasco, not only does their map lack most of the POI but even the maps are incomplete. It is so clutter with these blue blobs all over the screen, I guess they are trying to represent buildings, it makes navigating so very hard.

I Purchased your map and was very happy that I did yours it is so much better and has so many POI's for everything I am looking for in Panama and I see the map is complete from boarder to boarder and coast to coast.

Thank You Carlos, Panama

Love your product and will use forever. I tried one of those cheap Panama maps from one of the other sites. What a huge disaster, missing streets, really old long before Panama even had streets. I found your map by accident and am so please that I did. Now going on 5 years and counting. I love your excellent product and your outstanding customer service. I am so glad I purchase the 5 year updates, it has saved me so many times. Thanks again for helping and always being there.

Roger, Portland, Oregon 2017

We experienced problems downloading the updated map  on my Garmin GPS. JR offered to
speak with me to solve the problem. In fact, my computer tech was in charge to solve the issue so JR spoke with my computer tech and together, they found the problem and more important, the solution! Finally, everything was working fine! Without JR, I don't think we would have figured it out! Thanks again for your precious help!"

Really, thanks again!
Caroline Beland
I purchased and downloaded your Panama GPS map in December 2014 and used it for the entire month of January 2015.  During our month long holiday in Panama we drove over 3000KM using the GPS map in Panama City, Penonome, Santiago and a large portion of the west and north of the country.  While driving up the center of the Azuero Peninsula and the highlands of El Valle the GPS it provided us with the correct turns to reach our destination. 

Overall I was very satisfied with your product and would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends.

Robert Sabourin
Hello J.R.

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of the support that you provided in order to ensure that everything was working in my Garmin GPS. Your patience was much appreciated as I realize that I am not that technically adept when it comes to uploading/downloading, finding folders, etc etc. I wanted to wait until I reached Panama before sending my note just to make sure everything worked and let me tell you, I would have been in deep trouble without the SD GPS that you provided. Our flight was delayed so we ended up arriving around 10:30P.M. I entered the info for the hotel that we were staying at which was in the center of Panama city and it directed me right to it and then the next day it directed me to my destination about 1.5 hours away from Panama.
The other so called Panama GPS (bought from another site from New York)upload did not even have the Hotel location that I was staying in when I searched.

It was interesting to note that when I asked the Car Rental person about GPS he said that they used an SD card also in their GPS's that they rent out. I don't know for sure, but I wonder if they are using your product.

In any case this is a fantastic product and the help you provided was invaluable. Please feel free to use this in your testimonials if you like.

Regards from Panama,



You rock, I don't think I could have installed the software without you. I was told not to go to Panama without the maps so I know they will prove useful. However, you were far more helpful and made the process quite easy. I am very bad at techy stuff and you never made me feel stupid. Thanks for the patience and incredible customer support. You have a Fan.


----Dave in Colorado

Dear J.R.,

I followed the instruction you sent and easily got the installation accomplished. It seems to be working fine and has been impressive for the amount of detail it provides for this little backwater part of the world. If it will work that well here then it will certainly be even better in the population centers where I need it most.


Thank you for taking the time to work me through this. I know I gave you some real challenges due to my lack of knowledge but you took the time to make it easy enough for a two year old. Thanks for all your time and help.
--Bob Ehrenstrom

I just returned from 2 weeks in Panama, we speak no Spanish, and so we relied heavily on the GPS to get around the whole country except Boca del Toro. We were told by several residents that GPS's don't work in Panama.

Our experience was wonderful as we arrived where we intended to go without any significant problems. The directions to restaurants grocery stores, and gas stations worked well. One unexpected help was the map showing the road ahead- This being our first trip to Panama, we found that curves are not marked by road side signs and the curves can be sharper than we are used too in 4 lane roads, also the roads are not banked well.

Watching the road ahead on the GPS help me to not enter the curve at too great a speed. Thank you for making such an excellent program for my Garmin GPS.


I wanted to thank J.R. for all of his help in getting my maps to work. I thought that I had downloaded my maps before we left Florida for Panama. When I arrived, my maps would not come up. Thanks to J.R. and his patience I now have working Panama maps.


This ordeal took over 2 hours because the phone dropped 6-7 times and my download cord [from the computer to the GPS] was not working properly, yet J.R. hung in there, patiently calling me back and talking me thru the steps.


Not only did this take up his time, it happened on a Sunday, but it took him away from his family time and his time off. I cannot thank J.R. enough. If this is an example of his customer service [which it is] then I will refer him to anyone who needs a map of Panama.


Thank you J.R.

Steve Erwin
Just want to let you know the Panama map is excellent!! we have been using it extensively...very detailed with accurate directions from the insanity of the downtown banking/casino district to the more remote areas on the Caribbean side.


I wanted to thank you for the superb support you have provided me yesterday.


It isn’t that frequent that software developers email and call their customers to ensure full satisfaction with the product and help trouble shoot any issues.


All the best,


I purchased your Panama GPS maps after a lengthy research comparing your maps to Garmin's. In the end I chose to purchase your Panama maps because of all the information on your website and you were the only site that gave me a toll free number to call with questions.

The test of a world class company is how they react when customers contact them with issues. I came to you with an issue and have been totally satisfied with your help and professionalism. I will recommend your GPS maps to all my friends and family.

Thank You

Charles Mitchell


Thank you again for the advice. I hope you find the following helpful:


I had purchased a GPS Map previously and was planning on returning to Panama. I was a bit confused when I went online to find and download the map update as there were a couple websites that were nearly mirroring each other claiming to be PANAMA-GPS.


I had an interesting exchange of emails between the administrators of both websites and finally figured out that was the real deal. One indicator is that does not charge you more for the update than you paid for the original map download.


In fact, J.R. was very helpful walking me through the update. He was also able to offer some helpful advice for planning my upcoming trip


Thank you again, J.R.!

-Dave Charlotte NC

I installed the map last night. Thanks for making this right for me. I'll make sure to recommend your maps every opportunity I have.... and I'll make sure to give the CORRECT web site. (

I travel to Chiriqui about every two years, and I've been buying your maps since you started selling them. I'm sorry to hear that a former employee is doing so much damage to your business. Even his receipts look exactly like yours. I guess it's only a matter of time until consumers realize how outdated the pirated maps being sold by Steve Magaric and Don Winner are. If I may, I would advise you to take every mention of the "Steve Magaric" name from your web site, as to not cause confusion with consumers like me.

I wish you lots of success and please keep updating the maps.
Thank you,
Pedro Carres
Weston, FL

Yah, it's working great. This is as good as I had hoped for. (High praise, I wanted a lot)

On my Garmin I can drill down on the maps, even from sitting in the US. I found my PC hotel and made a fav. Found little side streets in Boquete where my friend lives. Cool, cool.


If the Garmin does its job down in Panama, I'll write a real testimonial.


As a former IT dweeb, I know how hard it is to keep up with someone else's stuff as a third party. Sorry for not doing a good job of reading the manual. Your support was great.

--Bill Q
Canton, Ohio
Thank you for the excellent service and help getting the charts loaded on my Garmin GPS. As I told you, I have two Garmin GPS’s here in Panama, one which had charts from one of your competitors on it and the other GPS, with charts from PANAMA-GPS company. There is no comparison between the other charts and yours.

I would tell anyone who wants GPS maps of Panama to get them from you! PANAMA-GPS charts are complete, Showing complete city streets and all back and country roads. The other charts were not half as good. In addition, your points of interest are much more complete making it possible to find every business I have tried to find. Keep up the good work!

--David M
Denver, Colorado
For those of you interested in Panama GPS maps I highly recommend the upgrade to v.: 4.2.0, it’s a big improvement from previous one. Not only would you be getting a top product but you will also be receiving one of the best Customer Service there is, J.R. goes beyond the extra mile he is unbelievable, very knowledgeable of his product and very pleasant to talk with.

Dr. Roberto Ocaña


I recently had some difficulty with my Panama GPS maps. I contacted J.R., and he provided excellent customer service. He walked me through the process, made sure my update subscription was properly registered and had my GPS working very quickly.


On a recent visit to Panama City, I was very impressed with the accuracy and detail of the map. I got around without any difficulties.


Thanks for the great customer service J.R.…. keep up the good work.


John Locke
Hay River, NT

I purchased my first Panama GPS map from Panama-GPS in 2009.

Three years later, I have the latest maps and am more impressed than ever. Installation help and support is unlike anything you'd expect to receive state-side. Kudos to J.R. and his team for making an outstanding product that helps keep my family safe on the roads.


J Dormon
I have just finished downloading and installing the latest version of your maps. They are a HUGE improvement over the earlier version I had.
Furthermore, when I had difficulties with the installation I called and J.R. talked me through them to complete a successful installation. Excellent product – excellent support…who could ask for anything more?

Phil Hoff

"Saved by"


My wife and I are expats living in Panama and after about 4 months it was clear I needed to get her a GPS as the streets are not clearly marked and it can be intimidating if you're not sure how to get around, especially downtown. I bought her a Garmin in the US knowing that I would also need to download a map of Panama. I purchased and downloaded a map from a competitive website and spent almost a week troubleshooting trying to get it to function.

I consider myself "tech-savvy" and yet I was ready to give up and return the device due to all the frustration.... and then I found I was actually able to speak to a "live" person instead of email which was refreshing (and on a Sunday no less!). I explained my saga and the next day I was able to meet an employee face to face where they gave me a map (a much more updated one at that) and it worked instantly.

It's been almost a month now and we're liberated in Panama. My wife now drives everywhere with confidence and knows that if she gets lost, she can simply push "Home" on the device and the map directs her no matter where she is. They even called me in days after getting my new map to ensure I was satisfied and was working correctly - great service, that never happens in the US let alone Panama!

The company is based here and knows the country which is important given all the construction and ongoing map updates. If you need a map of Panama, look no further and save yourself the frustration I went through.


"Satisfied Expats in Panama"

Many thanks for bringing the card to my hotel yesterday. I have to say that the map is really good and very useful. I am very impressed!


Many thanks,
I just want to say that I really appreciated your dedicated service to support of the Panama GPS upload. Your willingness to stay on the telephone and rapid sending of updated programs so we could resolve the issues of uploading the program on my Garmin Nuvi was as good as it gets.

You are welcome to mention my name (first name/ last name initial) but not location if you would like an endorsement on your website.


Again thanks and hope your business troubles with the pirates get fully resolved.

P.S., I have copied Michael's on this email so you can reconnect with him.



I know that in the US the customer is always right and in Panama the customer is always wrong. Customer service in the US sometimes works and in Panama customer service is almost none existent.

It is very refreshing to deal with a company such as PANAMA-GPS by J.R. and its magnificent customer service and help beyond. I had bought the upgrade of the Street Map of Panama v.: 3.3.8 and was having a very difficult time downloading it; every time I sent J.R. an e-note he would answer it immediately with instructions but I could not do the download.

Finally J.R. called me home and gave me specific instructions, step by step, on what to do (it was not me but a wrong program in the computer causing the problem); the phone conference with instructions was about 20 minutes until I was able to fix the computer program and successfully down load and install v.: 3.3.8


What a wonderful world if businesses would have customer service like Jerry Hall from Panama-GPS has. I ‘m a


Happy Customer.

Dr. Roberto Ocaña.


(Note this was a customer scammed by Steve Magaric PTY GPS, INC with a Lifetime update, J.R. Made good, Steve Magaric would not)

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me resolve the installation issue with the Panama maps for my Garmin nuvi. Personal customer service is not the norm anymore, but it is obviously alive and well in your company.
I really appreciate you responding so quickly and phoning me back to see that everything installed correctly. I will highly recommend you to my friends who vacation and travel in Panama.

Kind Regards,

Kim Kornegay

Prattville, Alabama

Looks like you have spoken with Nina Tartakoff, my wife. She had rotator cuff surgery and it went well. I use your maps all the time on my bike rides in the David region. I use an extra vista HCx for all my rides. I'm trying to log all the paved roads in this region for my fast bike. It is hard to know the condition of the roads but better to have it on the map than none at all.


Thanks again for putting together these maps.. It must be a real nightmare to have these other websites still in operation and selling your pirated maps


thanks again!

Richard Kemnitz
J.R. you were an awesome help.
You walked me through the install and my map is now upgraded.


Thank you so much!


Thank you J.R. that was a quick fix and it worked great.
Here's something you may publish if you want:

As an associate broker with Century 21, I know my way around Panama but still find my Garmin GPS an invaluable tool (especially when I find myself in an unknown neighborhood at night, and making a wrong turn is not an option).

Since Panama's street are prone to constant directional changes, I was looking for a map update, but to my surprise I discovered there were now several websites offering the same service: mainly one operated by Steve Magaric and the other one by J.R..


I was appalled by what I read on the Internet... now I had to make an important decision: stick with Steve, which I had dealt with from the beginning or switch to Jerry... It was a quick decision:


In September, I purchased an update. It turned out to be a nightmare. I even thought my Garmin needed to be replaced. Steve guided me to a series of grueling steps (I downloaded a large number of Garmin software, such as Boot Camp, which took a lot of space on my computer but solved nothing.

My GPS started to lead me off course, urging me to make impossible turns and was frequently unable to identify the street I was on. Many times, I was supposedly driving "off-road" which is a bit unsettling! After a while, Steve ran out of ideas and simply threw in the towel. I was not a happy customer, after paying for an update and being left with an expensive paper-weight.
It was J.R. who saved the day... we met and he gave me a replacement SD card, no questions asked. Problem solved. I just did the latest update today, and the installation was a cinch!
Thank you J.R.!

Chris Frochaux

Real Estate Advisor | License No. 2255

Real Estate Broker (Broker Licenses in Florida, New York and Panama)

Always a pleasure to speak with you as was the case earlier today. I am sure I am not alone in saying how sorry I was to hear of the problems you had with your ex-employee and the alleged thefts that occurred from Panama GPS.


I wanted to take a moment to commend you on your quick handling of the situation and hopefully putting an end to identity thefts etc.


I also congratulate you for a very fine product, ie: GPS mapping for Panama, but also the personal service you and your wife always offer me during my stays in Panama.


Best wishes for future successes.


Part time resident of Panama
Resident of Western Canada
I found 4 – 5 vendors selling software for Panama, each claiming to be the best.

Communication and customer service is important to me. I called the phone # on your website this afternoon to see if I could actually receive someone.

It rang many times and I thought no one was going to answer. YOU DID ANSWER and sounded genuine as we discussed your software versus the others’ software.
I’m looking for an up-to-date SD card (mainly due to a possible GPS upgrade) for Panama. You gave me your cell phone and said you could deliver it to me at my hotel. Now that’s service! I’ll email our hotel name and itinerary later so we can connect for the sale.



Ray & Debbie Simecek

Austin, Texas

Hello J.R.

Thank you for all the hard work that you people have put into this Panama GPS map, it was super easy to install and it works terrific! Your GPS software makes traveling around Panama City stress free. As we Live in Pedasi, we also do a lot of traveling into the interior, and again your GPS map has never failed us on ANY of our travels.


Others may say that their map will get you there, but your professionally designed GPS map gets us to our programmed destination, Stress Free every time! I Highly recommend PANAMA-GPS to ANYONE, military or civilian, who wishes to travel stress free and arrive at their

programmed destination.

Best Regards,
Billy Allmon
US Navy SEAL retired
Class 58

I just wanted to say how great it is to find a business man that believes in service. You helped me through the setup of the Panama maps on my Garmin Nuvi. You literally held my hand and walked me through it. Your professionalism is truly a breath of fresh air. I can't thank you enough. Please use me as a reference if need be.


Gary Rickett
I would like to thank you for all your support and for making me feel like a special customer. I appreciate the time you took to solve my problem and to verify that I solved it up to the last minute.


You are a very special person and I am sure your company will go very far with the kine of service you provide. I will try the map tomorrow...
Thank you


Jerry Lee Moran Merk
Ciudad Panamá, Panamá

I want to start off by saying Thank You for the update. I purchased the map back in 2008, it has been extremely helpful while navigating the streets of Panama. I’m sorry to hear about the fraud that has been taking place with your company.


I do not like people who steal, I especially dislike those that steal from their workplace. I sent you copy of my PayPal invoice, I hope it helps you in the prosecution case. If you need to purchase a map for your GPS, only buy from J.R. and from Panama-gps.


Most companies post phone numbers for assistance and when you call, if they pick up, there could be a language barrier. I called on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 3:27 PM. To my surprise, J.R. answered the phone. Who calls a company on a Saturday and speaks to the owner? I did and J.R. was extremely helpful and even emailed me. If you want an excellent product with even better support, look no further.



Luis O.

I appreciate you standing behind the company and honoring that commitment, despite the fraud that took place by your former employee Steve Magari
I therefore will stand behind the real PANAMA-GPS and continue to push my friends, associates and blogs to your site and your products.


I am sorry for what happened and will help support Panama-GPS going forward. I sent a lot of people your way over the years.


You do provide a good service to Panama and its people virtue of your solutions.

Thank you.
Bob Franks -