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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find your Garmin Unit ID Instruction Copy link Below
Manuals for your Device

Q.Can't find the map on my GPS (I am in the USA)
A. You won't be able to see the map on your GPS as it will appear in the Country of Panama. The reason is the GPS uses Satellites to load the map based on where the GPS is located. If in the USA, then USA maps, if in Panama then Panama Maps. You can check to see if it is in the GPS by going to TOOLS, SETTINGS, MAP, INFO. It should show up as in the GPS. If not call us

Q. The map stopped working, many of the problems are just equipment, example if the card is not seated properly in the GPS, no Map, if you are in a building, no Map, if you are in a car with tinted windows then that can cause problems, no Map, GPS not working. Turn the GPS on and do a Factory Reset.

A. Reseat the SD Card, or Reset the GPS back to Factory settings, Move the device so it can see the Satellites.

Q. Sometimes my GPS runs slow or takes me through the wrong areas.

You should read how to operate a GPS, the reason for some of your problems is the GPS Unit itself not our map, if you have routing set to shortest it will take you the shortest way, it may not be the fastest you have to check both ways before you begin, slow operations is because of interference with the satellites seeing your device. OUR maps are just maps only they do nothing the GPS is what routes it it is a computer that just loads our maps. Basically our maps are like little pictures and the GPS loads each picture based on location by the satellites and then the GPS routes you based on your settings.


If you can't see the new version of map installed try installing version 3.3.4 first and then install the newer version of map. This usually fixes any problems with map install.

Q) I can not see the GPS when I connect it to the computer in Basecamp.
A) 1. You manually turned on the GPS before connecting it to your computer, you must keep the power off and then connect the GPS to the computer the computer will turn it on and load the drivers.
2. Your cable is defective. Replace your Cable with a new or different cable.
Basecamp can't See My GPS

The reason you can't see the GPS on the left side under devices is usually because the cable you are using is not working, try another cable until you see the device. Also make sure you DO NOT TURN ON THE GPS before connecting YOU JUST CONNECT THE GPS, the computer will turn it on and then install the appropriate DRIVERS it needs to open and see the device.

Sometimes it is as simple as the cable is bad.

How Do I Find the Unit ID

1) Go To Tools

2) Go To Settings

3) Go To System

4) Go to About
The number begins with a 3


How to find your Garmin Unit ID Instruction Copy link Below

How to Save tracks from your GPS. -GET FREE UPDATES

Download Garmin Basecamp from Garmins Web site connect your GPS to the computer (don't turn it on the computer will power it up) Then go to the TOOL BAR and see DEVICE, then click on FILE and then click on export. save the file to a folder on your desktop label the folder map tracks then send that file to us at it will have a date. Get your Free update for sending us the tracks.

Important Note on Installation


Make Sure that Your GPS is turned off before Connecting to your Computer the computer will turn it on. This is Important


Make Sure Basecamp is not running when you run 3.3.4 Install and the Latest Version Update, The reason the map install has to add files to a folder of Garmin, if Basecamp is open it will lock that folder and the map install will not install the map for use by Basecamp

Problem with Update Install

I can't see the map after I installed the update. What do I do?

Go to our Member Sign in area and download version 3.3.4 install this first and then install the latest version make sure you have put the unlock code into the Basecamp or Mapsource Software first. You must be in Panama for the Map to load into the GPS, it is based on Satellite location.

Q) I can't find Boquete Panama, in your map.

A) Please Understand that the Cities are listed as they are really name

Boquete is actually ALTO BOQUETE so enter Alto Boquete on the City search and you will find it in the map, you must be acurate with the name our you might not find it.

Q) I can't Find Albrook Airport in your maps!
A) Because Albrook Airport is a nick name the actual Spanish name of the airport is Aeropurto Marcos a Gelabert
Why is Panama-GPS THE BEST Maps:
A) Because we started from the ground floor driving the roads in Panama 10 years ago, we did not steal the maps, they were not free maps they are ours and have always been our maps. The other maps you might think of buying are pirated, or free maps they are very bad copies and will not route you in the right directions. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON PIRATED VERSIONS
Why are there no House Address in Panama?
Q) There are no Street addresses in Panama how do I find where to go?
A) The best practice is to use points of interest, example bank, store, restaurant that is near to the location where you want to go. select that and press go.
You can also just scroll the map with your finger and point and then press go to the location.
Q) I tried to search for a street and couldn't find it what am I doing wrong?
A) When searching for a street you must SEARCH ALL and remember most streets in Panama start with VIA or Calle so you can just enter villa and search or calle and search you will get a list of streets.

Q) I need to find a Police Station where do I look?
A) Go to Points of Interest and then to Community and then Police

Q) I want to remember where I was on the map how do I save the location?
A) Go to Tools and Click on the Icon WHERE AM I?  this will tell you where you are and then you can save this to your favorites.

Q) When I turn on my GPS and Look at the map it is in a 3D mode how do I change to a overhead view?
A) Go to Tools
    Go to Settings
    Go to Map
    Click on Map View
    Click on Track UP
    Click on OK
    Click on Back
    Click on Back
    Click on Back
    Click on View Map

Q) can I add multiple locations to travel at once?
A) Yes you can create a route.
    Create a Start Point
hen Create and End Point

What do I need to use one of the maps for my travels?

A mapping GPS manufactured by Garmin will do the trick!  It does not matter if it has a color or black & white screen, the maps will work regardless.  Garmin's Mapsource Trip & Waypoint Manager desktop software is also required.  Maps install into Mapsource and then are transferable to your Garmin GPS unit.

What do I do once I have purchased a map?

Upon receiving a confirmation email that the map sale was confirmed, download the ZIP file and extract it.  Inside the folder you will find three documents: installer, readme.txt and license.txt.  Run the installer and follow steps to install map onto your computer in Mapsource Trip & Waypoint Manager software.  After successful installation, the map will be viewable in Mapsource and transferable to your GPS unit.  You can also find detailed instructions here for more help.

Can I install the map into any folder I want on my computer?

Unfortunately no.  The map contains multiple files, some of which are linked to the Mapsource application automatically and need to follow the path that is created during installation.  If you changed the path during installation, please uninstall maps using the uninstaller included and re-install using the default file path.

Is it safe to purchase the map online?

Yes.  The webstore uses a secure server, which encrypts all of the customer’s personal information including name, address and credit card number.  Encryption ensures that no one can access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner.  Once checkout begins, and credit card information is asked for, you will see a lock symbol in your browser assuring you that it is a secure site to purchase from.  Paypal is also a very secure way of purchasing our maps.

Do the maps support auto-routing function in GPS?

Some do.  Check the individual map pages for more information. If an auto-routing version is available, there will be purchase links on the page.

How often are maps updated?

Maps are updated depending on information available to include in updates and the need to respond to concerns about map functionality.  All update notes are available online and within the readme document.

Can I request a specific map for my travels?

Yes! Please contact us and specify what areas you would like a map for.  We will try our best to give you a good estimation if it is possible to make a map for you before you leave.  We have done it before, and always welcome suggestions on where maps should be offered for.

What if I find an error in the map?

We apologize.  Please send us as much information about the error as possible (including gps points & tracks) and we will work to correct it for the next release of the map.  We will also send you an updated version of the map with your correction in it for free.

What data formats do you accept data in?

Just about any format you have the data in, be it from .gpx to .kml to .gdb to .shp to paper maps.  If you have data you want included in a map, send it along and we'll send you the map update for free


Do you have plans to release your maps for other GPS units?

Yes.  However, at the present time the maps are only compatible with Garmin mapping GPS units.

Do your maps work with Apple computers?

Yes.  The maps will install into Garmin Roadtrip desktop software.  Native Mac format installers are available for all maps and most are already posted on the webstore for direct purchase and installation.

Why Cant I find Albrook Airport - Because Albrook Airport is a nick name the actual Spanish name of the airport is Aeropurto Marcos a Gelabert