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Compare the maps and you be the judge do you want to drive into a lake or the ocean, or drive the wrong way on a one way street, or not find the street you want.
The competitions map is so cluttered with useless locations, such as a china mart which in Panama is every other store. Or would you rather find the newest hotels, the best attractions, the best shopping and all the streets and proper turn restrictions. Or USE THEIR MAP AND POSSIBLY CRASH HEAD ON INTO ANOTHER CAR.
Old Map Being Sold by all other Sites:
GPSeTravelGuides worst map of all see below for results

PTYGPS maps pirated and out of date by 4 years

WAZE Iphone Maps 4 years out of date

This is Panama-GPS map which shows the new road to the causeway, unlike Google Earth which is missing the road this is just a small example of why you should buy Panama-GPS Maps we have the roads that Google Earth doesn't have. See the Map below which is Google Earth. June 2015
This is Google Earth of Panama City, this is how bad the map is see anything missing like the loop to the new causeway see our map above We have the roads that Google Earth Doesn't now imagine if you were in the country side, they are missing so many roads you could get lost. June 2015
Travel by gps Selling free maps anyone can get and they are 5 years out of date

This is what you get when you get the Travel By GPS Free Map Missing Hundreds of streets and thousands of points of interest this is just one small example.

Compare this with the WAZE map this is Las Cumbres with Streets from Panama-GPS maps we actually map the streets.
This is Panama-GPS maps you can easily compare the difference in seconds seeing we have hundreds of more streets and thousands of points of interest. There is a good saying you get what you pay for.
WAZE map this is what you get for free, so many roads missing and no Albrook Airport. We found this map to be at least 5 years out of date. Then try seeing this as you are driving on your dash impossible. It may be okay for walking but very hard to see when driving. Very Bad, maybe good in about 5 years but don't trust it now.
This is Las Cumbres a true test of accuracy, WAZE has no Streets, where our map has whole neighborhoods with streets. This is the problem with Free maps, they just don't have the coverage nor the accuracy of Panama-GPS Maps
GPSeTravelguides Map of Las Cumbres
This is Las Cumbres Panama From GPSeTravelguides There are no streets at all compare with Panama-GPS Map
Panama-GPS Map of Las Cumbres
This is Panama GPS map of Las Cumbres this is just a small example of the detail in our maps vs GPSeTravelguides Their map is at least 15 years out of date.

New Autopista Alberto Cardoze Motta to Colón.


New City Ciudad del Sol

New Entrances for the Colon Free Zone & more streets




New Cities:

1.) Casa Hacienda

2.) Gualaca

3.) Urbanización Sueño Dorado

4.) Urbanización Villa Acuario

5.) Urbanización La Riviera

6.) Las Margaritas

7.) Urbanización Portal Las Margaritas

8.) Urbanización Villa Laura

9.) Urbanización Colinas de Santa Cruz

10.) Los Anastacios


Calibration for David

Internal street names for Mall Chiriquí and the most important stores & cinema.

More POIS for both David & Boquete


New Cities:

1.) Residencial Las Américas

2.) Residencial Villa Gloria

3.) Other unknown names



Panama (center):

New Cities:

1.) Quintas del Lago

2.) Palmeras de San Lorenzo

3.) Costa Esmeralda

4.) Sunset Coast

5.) El Doral

6.) Villa Valencia

San Lorenzo have been extended

More POIS (including more than 100 new building names & locations)

Panama (west):

New Cities:

1.) Los Olivos

2.) Valle Dorado

3.) Montelimar

4.) Altos de Araguaney

5.) Monterregio

6.) Brisas del Golf Arraiján

7.) Villa Karla

8.) Tierra Bella

9.) El Bambú

10.) Mayín

11.) Residencial Los Rosales

12.) Altos de Cáceres

13.) La Isabella

14.) Monte Vista

15.) Colinas del Sol

16.) Lluvia de Oro 2

17.) Altos del Campo

18.) Residencial Costa Este

19.) Other unknown names

La Mitra have been completely calibrated & fixed.

Burunga have been completely calibrated & fixed.

Chorrera City have more POis and some oneways have been fixed.

New shopping centers in Coronado



More POIs

Panama City (east):

La Siesta

Nuevo Tocumen



Penonomé calibrated

Some oneways added.



Monagrillo have been completely calibrated & fixed.

New Cities:

1.) Residencial Blas Tello

2.) Los Sauces now have the

street names

3.) Villas de Ciabel

4.) Urbanización Villa Dorada

5.) Urbanización Serlin

6.) Residencial Villas del Sol

7.) Villa Lineth

8.) Residencial Villa Cecilia

9.) Other unknown names


Via Roberto Ramírez Diego have been splitted and named.

More POIs (including new hospitals, shopping centers & schools)

Las Tablas:

New Cities:

1.) Urbanización Mirador del Bosque


Move POIs


Split from Divisa to Natá

Deleted hundreds of veredas which are not for cars.

Merged hundreds of streets that are drawn as different polylines instead of just one. This is keeping the map file from growing and still have more & more everytime.

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